PR & Publicity

Got a new product or service that you want to unveil? A health information or fundraising campaign that you need to undertake? A new service facility to officially open? An awards ceremony to organise? An annual report to launch? A conference room that you need to fill?

At d2 communications, we incorporate the full range of communications platforms to mount targeted PR and publicity campaigns, from photocalls and press launches, to marketing and promotions, to sponsorship and advertising, to social media and online engagement. We will set out clear stakeholder engagement strategies and help you secure the support of key opinion leaders and ambassadors in delivering on your objectives.

We know what people in the media want from a PR professional representing a client. We know this because we have worked in both spheres – in the newsroom as journalist, and in the press office as PR consultant. It also means that we have built up extensive contacts and have excellent media relationships. Indeed, we have featured stories prominently in all of the national newspapers and on flagship national TV and radio programmes.

If you have something that you want the world to know about, we will work with you to craft a comprehensive PR and publicity plan. It will address all of your target audiences through a range of media outlets – both general and specialist. It will also provide for tailor-made news and feature offerings that will appeal to researchers’ and journalists’ interests and the formats of particular programmes and newspapers. We will look at your organisation’s milestones, at service developments, at testimonials, and many other avenues, to get your message heard.

We pride ourselves on delivering optimum results. Got something to say? Let us help you to get the word out.